Training / Education

The selling approach to your retail client’s needs to be different- a bespoke experience which defines one’s brand by service excellence, respect and trust. With a solid history in luxury goods and services, we have a considered view of the luxury landscape and understand the qualities of luxury and premium brand leaders, both locally and internationally.

We work with you to tailor your training to suit your business’s needs. We also offer constructive advice and guidance firmly based on understanding your brand, the environment and the overall objective. We have a reputation for results and an eye for growth and opportunity.

We have developed both formal and informal training programs which can be conducted one on one, classroom/boutique style and also on-the-floor and on-the-job training, where feedback is immediate and where our team are fully immersed in our client’s environment.

To discuss how MO Recruit Sales and Culture Training could best serve you and/or your business, please contact: